You are planning to set up clear structures in your company, to improve processes,
to implement control procedures and risk management systems,
to implement internal audits and internal control systems,
to improve the use of the controlling tools,
to develop financing concepts,
to set up and implement reporting in line with international standards.

You are planning to create and manage your company representations and subsidiaries in foreign markets, such as Spain, East Europe and Russia, successfully and result-focused.

You are planning to implement effective cost-revenue controls and to restructure your subsidiaries in order to improve the economic performance and results.

You would like to develop a successful distribution and marketing strategy in foreign markets, e.g., in Spain, East Europe and Russia, to create a representation or a subsidiary abroad.

You are planning to grow organically, by mergers and acquisitions or joint ventures in Germany and abroad.

You would like to gain new customers in Russia or Ukraine and need training or an In-house seminar such as "Successful market entry and market development in Russia" or "Diversity management"

I am happy to support you with these plans and to offer tailored and successful solutions.

Please contact me under info@dr-karsunke-consulting.de or by phone under +49 175 5201100.